The Pity, Anyway

Replying to Saturday’s rich harvest of Comments: bmo, clearly you do not live in Berkeley or the San Franscisco Bay Area anywhere, where a phrase like “corporate-generated reality” would draw nothing but a yawn or a pang of nostalgia. No, it’s hard going, being a crackpot nowadays. And remember, I teethed on C. Wright Mills; this conversation is old. Come to California (said in the mellifuous tones of whomever, years ago, said, Come to Jamaica.) (Was it Geoffrey Holder?) (See, the corporation lives like a little yammering spider in my head too.) Continue reading “The Pity, Anyway”

Bearer of Bad Tidings

what was i thinking?

… I hate to be, but Fra-ank, if I think of it this way:

“One way to sort it out is to think of it as the populists versus the corporations”

Honey, we be dead.

Alternate Title: Frank Goes to a Conference.
But that would be too, too informational.

{ fin }