Do They Bleed?


InterimTom: How to trust a journalistic culture that fails to question why corporations, which are essentially wealth accumulation mechanisms, are granted human status in the United States.

Well honey, see, they are part of the corporation. There is no free press. The media got bought, sold and traded like so many pork bellies, and not half as good a market. Continue reading “Do They Bleed?”

The Pity, Anyway

Replying to Saturday’s rich harvest of Comments: bmo, clearly you do not live in Berkeley or the San Franscisco Bay Area anywhere, where a phrase like “corporate-generated reality” would draw nothing but a yawn or a pang of nostalgia. No, it’s hard going, being a crackpot nowadays. And remember, I teethed on C. Wright Mills; this conversation is old. Come to California (said in the mellifuous tones of whomever, years ago, said, Come to Jamaica.) (Was it Geoffrey Holder?) (See, the corporation lives like a little yammering spider in my head too.) Continue reading “The Pity, Anyway”

Bearer of Bad Tidings

what was i thinking?

… I hate to be, but Fra-ank, if I think of it this way:

“One way to sort it out is to think of it as the populists versus the corporations”

Honey, we be dead.

Alternate Title: Frank Goes to a Conference.
But that would be too, too informational.

{ fin }