Just Shoot Me 2010, v.1

Sheria at The Examined Life posted some statistics from the Daily Kos depression poll of the century. Just as well, I need crap like this … extrapolated so as to keep it at some remove. Sanity is precious, you know,  and one wants to go on believing the best of ones’ neighbors, in both the immediate and existential sense. I have always thought that being hateful inside must be the most boring of lives. Continue reading “Just Shoot Me 2010, v.1”

Star Turn

saraLike I’m not going to post that Sara Benicasa was here? In case you missed her Princess of America comment? To me? Woop woop? This is way cooler than had the real Sarah shown up, way less scary. Not like she would. Foul-mouthed Godless old bitch that I am. I don’t believe in Beatles, (I really do, that’s just a great line) I don’t believe in speaking in tongues. Nor laying of hands, nor the Devil. I guess that pretty much covers it. Continue reading “Star Turn”

Princess of America

This is a new category of posts, The Belated. What that means is, whoa, look what I found in my drafts folder. History is entertaining, right? Sara Benincasa sure as hell was, her Sarah Palin eons beyond that darling of TV whom you only liked because you are of the sheep.

So here it is, from that quaint moment when Sarah Palin removed herself to Alaska, along with as much as the belly of the airplane could carry … but  I really publish this as a tribute to Sara B. And Dina, I miss Dina, and I do not think you should have made her cry:

sarahSHE’S GONE. Ran away with herself , taking the whole Republican party  behind her, like one of those dark bags of the Shadow that Jungians believe we all carry around.

And in her bag are worthless cruds like Bill Kristol, the son of old-time radical-turned conservative, Irving Kristol, but at least the old man published a magazine. Is distinguished. (Was.) Continue reading “Princess of America”

“Wasilla Hillbillies Hit Nieman Marcus”

explaining karma to Steve Schmidt

Well of course that line caught my eye. Too perfect a scenario, and all I have to say to the poor fuck Republican ops who had to mind her, is … hell-o, this is regulation redneck behavior. And you didn’t get that? You didn’t foresee it? … Hell, y’all just got taken for a big fat Wasilla ride.

Number one, we have read enough, now, about Bill Kristol, upon beholding Sarah, received wood for the first time in many a moon—and we wish to know no more. Ever. Continue reading ““Wasilla Hillbillies Hit Nieman Marcus””

With God On Our Side

Dude, I invented Sin. Ever heard of it?

Palin also thanked her supporters—including Dobson, who said he and his wife were asking ‘for God’s intervention’ on election day”

Thing is, I got down on my knees and God said to me, “What a fucking affront!” That’s right—there are no bad words in His vocabulary, think about it.

“These people who pretend to speak for me, and in doing so reveal a spirit of hatred and divisiveness, what is up with that. Continue reading “With God On Our Side”

“Just Like Me”

… what is the ability to think in radical fashion?

I’m blogging one Salon article, here, but as you surely already know, these exact heartfelt remarks are all over the web, which means (unless Rove and his web operatives have been busier than I think) they are all over the America that goes to the Safeway, eats crap food and likes it, and works their collective ass off in order that the rich shall get richer.

The blue-collar life is for shit, it is physical labor connected to pay in a way most people reading this cannot or prefer not to imagine. In other words, the most vulnerable of lives.

Vulnerable in so many ways … And to a man, or woman, resistant to the kind of knowledge that might inspire them to at least attempt kick over the traces like workers and workers before them.

Oh rue the day the Marxist critique departed American life. Continue reading ““Just Like Me””

“Palin Would Support War With Russia”

… has she, personally ever been to this alleged island from which Russia may or may not be seen?

There it was, big as life, front page headline in the San Francisco Chronicle today.

Hell-o? I think somebody just took a Giant Step towards handing the election back to Obama.

Anyone—anyone in their right mind—wants war with Russia? Continue reading ““Palin Would Support War With Russia””