Late Afternoon 1967

Late Afternoon 1967

“We are but a moment’s sunlight fading in the grass …” I was kneeling on the floor next to the big radio, weaving to the music. It was late afternoon. We had drunk perhaps foulest concoction ever, boiled dope tea, never to do so again. But the stoned-ness, ah, the stoned-ness. The extent to which one was stoned, the way in which one knew oneself to be utterly, thoroughly, completely stoned, washed over me in that special dope way, a feeling of both sinking and rising at the same time, much as a feather might float this way and that upon the air. Continue reading “Late Afternoon 1967”

The Haze Is Purple


Chez Pazienza: What a Long, Strange, Thoroughly Obnoxious Trip It’s Been: If you weren’t able to be there for whatever reason (you were part of the oppressive establishment or, you know, hadn’t been born yet) the Woodstock folks need you to understand that, dammit, you should wish you could have been.

So this guy writes a long, predictable rant in the HuffPo today, Will the boomers just fucking die and leave him alone—which we will, given time Continue reading “The Haze Is Purple”

Sorely Remiss

the post formerly titled “When This Battle Is Over”

From the 1969 LP, “Accept No Substitute”. This is the only film of D&B on you tube and the only music video they ever filmed for Electra records. Delaney & Bonnie first met Eric Clapton when the pair served as Blind Faith’s opening act. Prior to their marriage and collaboration, Delaney had been a well-regarded LA session musician, and Bonnie had the distinction of being the only white Ikette.

What was I thinking. This, I hope, sets things right.

Thanks, Dean.

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Well Dammit, Delaney

Why’d you have to go and die. Delaney and Bonnie have been like, just forever. As is everything one ever loved.

You were part of the beginning. Rest, forever, in peace.

Delaney Bramlet, 1939—2008

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