Men. Women. Just Saying.

Heart-rending story in the New York Times, The Life and Death of Therapist Bob Bergeron.… but perhaps not in the way you think. Depending perhaps on whether you are gay, a man. I’m not, but the beauty-fade? The loss of looks?  Getting old? The Creeping Decrepits, my son calls them. He, however, is only eighteen years younger than I, so he’ll get his. (He’s a Good Boy.) (Also a Senior GeoTech engineer, so I probably won’t be sending him this post.) You know the first thing I was thinking? Ladies,  do we kill ourselves when our looks disappear? The bright and shiny looks of youth? Noooo. And guys: this meat market, the whole guy hookup thing. Of which the Bergeron obit writes so blithely, so blindly. You think maybe it’s a tad empty? A tad suicidal, in and of itself?

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North Korea: Failure to Launch


I never watch the news, but you know what I saw on the news? The fucking humanitarian aid, the food and supplies, North Korea receives?  The North Korean people are told that these are tributes. To their Leader. Then, if they’re lucky, I guess they get to eat.

I imagine the sun shines and the rice grows to the greater glory of the current Kim. I imagine all of creation has been made into one big tribute—especially the bad parts. For there is no one for turning his own crimes into personal glory like the professional narcissist. But even if all you know is the amateur, it’s all the same. The absence, the carefully cultivated inability to acknowledge other people. These people are the Sun King, in their own lives.

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Divine Hogwash


I believe you need to surrender the process to your Spirit, release resistance, allow yourself to come into alignment with your divine blueprint, and trust your internal wisdom to take over and inspire you to want the things that are healthy for you.  via Julia.

Whom I take to be a fucking lunatic, in that way so many women are, or try to be. Taking one side of female nature to the extreme and beyond: sweetness of heart, optimism, hopefulness.
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What They Want


Writhe Safely This is what they wanted, evident, by age eight, the people perpetrating on me attack my body, and it hurts but I can ignore that since what they’re after is my mind, my soul, my freedom, pleasure, my sense of ease and security, my pride, my delight. I’ll tell you how I knew this: My actions had no impact on them. Their treatment of me was inner directed, random, their demands of me non-specific or inconsistent, they didn’t want me to do anything better, didn’t want me to be good, to improve, to behave … It wasn’t about that. I’m still learning, it wasn’t about me. Their only goal was the complete breaking down of personality. They needed me to think and feel and become something else, something ugly, corrosive and corrupt, a mirror. They wanted to watch this version of me take form, they wanted to be the ones who caused the transformation and wanted to be known by me as the ones who caused it. Continue reading “What They Want”

Scoble 1, Leopard 0

“Well, sorry,” says Scoble, “The shine is wearing off. Screw you Apple.”

Yeah well screw you, Scoble, for making such an immature spectacle of yourself. What a fine example for all the other spoiled babies out there, and I do suggest you return your machine immediately. Obviously, Apple played a cruel joke upon you. Leopard upgrade problems? They have got their nerve.

I mean, this is how it works, isn’t it? OS X? Piece a cake. MacBook? Simple as pie. I’m telling you, if it doesn’t work without your having to think a single thought, take the fucker back..

Look at what happened to Scoble when he installed Leopard—he must be some kind of smart guy, right?—he hit Restart fifty times, and the piece of crap didn’t work.

Scoble. Idiots everywhere: If you had a fine driving machine, a Porsche, say, that developed problems, would you turn the key fifty times?

Or does this behavior indicate a deep fissure in the adult personality.

At what age do normal children learn that beating on a toy doesn’t help. At what age are they able to anticipate complexity. Handle the postponement of gratification. Be responsible that there is something more to learn, even eagerly apply themselves.

Scoble’s fit had nothing to do with Apple, and everything to do with the way a character-disordered man always and without exception blames the Other; no narcissist has ever been mistaken in the history of mankind.

What’s worse though, really, is the way the guy imagines that his tantrums are somehow instructive, even refreshing to the rest of us.

I leave it to you. Child-men—and their numbers are legion—can say anything. Observe instead the meta-language of behavior, of attitude and action. As Gertrude Stein so famously said, if it quacks like a narcissist …

“Worse yet, you’ve also scobled it, which is California slang meaning ‘to declare something obvious, and then to announce your own genius in a self-congratulatory tone.’ ”— FSJ