Michelle Obama’s Whitey Video

I don’t know why I have to be part of this. I didn’t want to, I think the world of her … I still do. The whole thing is just some kind of Right Wing tempest In a lukewarm teapot, and I think left alone, it would have all blown over. But then Ta-nehisi started in on the whole integrity thing, saying how he’s doing his share. How we all have to be to the change we want to see in Michelle. So anyway, here’s the damn footage …

People Get Ready

That Michelle. I was going to say, What a firecracker … But she’s so much more than that. Michelle is Authentic. And authenticity is so to be prized in this media-soaked day and age—I’m a writer, yet I find myself so in awe of this woman’s qualities, I just fumble.

Who ever thought, in these cynical times, we’d have the privilege of seeing our own authentic concerns—the ones that speak to the genuine needs of the nation—not only represented in the public arena but embodied so beautifully, so well.

I’m watching the video I love most. Her hair is slicked back, her head wrapped in a shining black ribbon, she wears a black top and no apparent makeup. “The girls are looking forward to the Fair,” she’s saying. “We’re going to buy … stuff on a stick!” Laughter. Audience and viewer alike are drawn in by this pure face, so full of character. We’ve never seen anyone like her.

Her speeches are miraculous. They speak to the hearts and minds of people who, I imagine, sometimes find themselves surprised to embrace this new kind of woman. Powerful, genuine, who, because she tells the truth, cannot fumble. There is no pose. There is only the person, Michelle.

Secretly, it’s Michelle I really want to see in the White House. First Lady. Can you imagine! It’s hard, it would mean so many kinds of historic dreams come true. But I think we’d better prepare ourselves. Michelle and the girls, the First Family—and oh, yeah, that Obama guy she married, too

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