‘It’s abuse and a life of hell’ | Guardian.uk As a world expert on prostitution, Roger Matthews has met women in the trade who have been stabbed, raped and beaten. He tells … why they must be given help to leave the sex industry for good.

As Matthews explains in his new book, Prostitution, Politics and Policy, he is entirely against liberal solutions to prostitution. The liberal approach is to think of the trade as simply another form of work, to be “non-judgmental” in dealing with it, and to set up areas, such as “tolerance zones”, where women can work without fear of arrest. Matthews completely disagrees with the notion of legalisation. Instead, he says, the punters should be deterred from buying sex, women in prostitution should be decriminalised, and a radical welfare strategy should be put in place to help them out of the trade.

I mean, aren’t we all, in a sense? Punters? Continue reading “Punters”


Piece Prize

reformation21.org You know, too, the grievousness of affliction. After all, who enjoys suffering? Yet you also know that all affliction is sent by a wise, fatherly God.

Not me. Wise and fatherly? There are damn few women, believers or not, who would rest comfortably in that out-dated image. Continue reading “Piece Prize”

All The Leaves Were Brown

Mackenzie Phillips Opens Up About Her Father: He taught me to roll joints when I was 10. He took out some pot from a shoebox and showed me … and I became the official joint roller.

Sigh. The Sixties. The last time the male ethos ran free … and wasn’t it all Peace and Love. I can imagine that John Phillips rationalized that he was sharing a beautiful thing with his daughter. Both the dope and the sex. Because it was All Beautiful, man. Continue reading “All The Leaves Were Brown”

The Weasel Moment

pine marten

… a few years ago, when my husband Chris and I were on holiday with a group of friends and family in France.

Seated around a table in a rustic restaurant, one of the party noticed a stuffed animal peering beadily from a glass case and a lively discussion ensued.

‘I wonder what that is?’ said Chris. ‘I think it might be a stoat,’ said a male friend. ‘No, it’s a ferret of some sort,’ ventured my brother-in-law. Continue reading “The Weasel Moment”

Oh Joe

Joe Bageant: Deer in the headlights of America: I went to coffee houses, listened to poets, felt the dynamic beating heart of a great America city—got my first blowjob from a wonderful hipster chick who took it upon herself to educate me about a life of the mind.

Needless to say, given her opening act, I became pretty enthusiastic about improving my intellectual life.

Honey, you betray your age and its ingrained, forever sexism with this post. No “wonderful hipster chick” gave you a blow job for free. Out of the goodness of her heart.

When will men get it.

Let me put it another way. Your daughter, Joe? If she had done so, would you feel that you’d raised her real good?

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Removing Clusterfuck

The defendant himself [Michael Jackson] behaved as though his trial were a TV celebrity challenge show on another planet, arriving on one occasion twenty minutes late in pajamas with some lame excuse about a backache.

Nice. Very nice. People do go in the hospital for bloody nothing, just to annoy you.

Time for Kunstler to STFU. Though there’s been remarkably little meanness in the media, considering. And it would come from someone like JHK, who has a one-note blog and a one-note book to flack. Interesting how the teensiest bit of corruption will out, in someone’s writing. And how easily the sadness of having one idea transmutes into shittiness.

Oh I’ve seen it, in life. I’ve heard it … “some lame excuse”. It’s what middle-aged men say to women, the sick, and the weak.

Ooo-kay, time to remove Clusterfuck Nation from the feed-reading list.

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