There Be Dragons

My Dear Ms. Sessum,

Will you quit blogging such nice things about me …

How much easier to give than to forkin’ receive …

Most people never get out from under the rainshadow of their parents’ gaze …

It’s hard turf, hard to chart, hard to navigate. No maps. Lots of dark matter. A black hole or two, to marry.

Fate would bring a sweet soul into my life …

That awful noise you hear is some rusted hinge inside. Damned Fate, prying it open again.

Yours Truly,

She Who Must Be Obeyed

Miss Tara: “I definitely watch many people around me run away from themselves constantly, justifying it with ‘business’ and replacing deeper connections with internet ‘friends’. I’m pretty guilty of it myself, although I’ve made a special effort lately to, as one person put it, “Stop all that fucking Twittering and get your ass into therapy.”

And did you? I think we know the answer to the first. Good lord, girl. Must you be so damn spurned … online?

Where is our dignity, after all. As women.

Not to worry. You’re not the first woman to learn the virtue (and strength) of true humility via the tacky road of self-humiliation.

I’d say more, but there might be a Man reading …

So … do carry on with that second part. You know my motto: the kid comes first.


    She who shall remain nameless.