Apple Tablet Rorschach

apple event

The invite, which shows the Apple logo superimposed over a series of graffiti-style paint splatters, gives few clues as to what Apple will announce at the event.

Now, now. Use your noggin. Colors. Paint. Freeform. Outside the margins. Creative. Do whatever you want? Layers. Layers? Be original. Lots of splatters. Kids? Education? (Little mouse suggested as much to me. A smart little mouse.) (Did you know that Steve Jobs has no sense of humor whatsoever?) (Which makes Dan Lyons even funnier, even more talented, more necessary to this world.) (Where was I.)

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AT&T Shrugged

ghandiDan Lyons, writing as Fake Steve, has posted a series of incredible, amusing, sorrowful indictments of stodgy, short-sighted corporate thinking. It says something about the essential craziness of the web, that he has created in FakeSteve (Jobs) a character who seems more like Steve Jobs than does Teh Steve (not that we’d know.)  I’ve had a character take over a novel, and the utter realness of these people, it’s hard to explain. Continue reading “AT&T Shrugged”