Love Your Hair

My God, (oops) I hadn’t even heard of Mr. Deity until today, when I followed a link from Frank to One Good Move … and here you have it. Every Woman’s Life. In the Whole World. Okay, the Whole English-Speaking World. Guys, um, man up on the responsibility-for-self thing, ‘k? Thxbye.

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God Says: Crisis and Hope


Noam Chomsky: It is always well to keep in mind Adam Smith’s astute observation about policy formation in England. He recognized that the “principal architects” of policy—in his day the “merchants and manufacturers”—made sure that their own interests had “been most peculiarly attended to” however “grievous” the effect on others …

Honestly, am I just a Radical, to suppose things needn’t be this way? That glossy and fetching appearance, don’t you know, lies and corruptionalways pretty themselves up. Counting on people not noticing. Which of course works. Continue reading “God Says: Crisis and Hope”

In Your Pants

“People who spend $400 plus accessories and bitch about spending $2 on a missed episode can shampoo my crotch.”

in your pant
Goddamn it, another remark I cannot use (and the source of which I have lost) but will treasure always. Because you really must have dongles in your pants to make it work. I believe in precision of usage. I believe in the power of metaphor. I believe that when a thing is said most correctly, it’s meaning goes off like fireworks—large or small—in the body, and that this our signal of what is right. Somewhat in the manner of rods and cones, the way you can see a distant star only by looking slightly askance. Continue reading “In Your Pants”

With God On Our Side

Dude, I invented Sin. Ever heard of it?

Palin also thanked her supporters—including Dobson, who said he and his wife were asking ‘for God’s intervention’ on election day”

Thing is, I got down on my knees and God said to me, “What a fucking affront!” That’s right—there are no bad words in His vocabulary, think about it.

“These people who pretend to speak for me, and in doing so reveal a spirit of hatred and divisiveness, what is up with that. Continue reading “With God On Our Side”