Surrender Dorothy

“Some of my early hopes for social media, that it represented … some kind of renaissance for socialism in the western world, are starting to run dry.”

networkMarvelous post at twopointouch on the resemblance between social media and—gee, duh, hello—social control. Fools. There is no free lunch. Fools in several regards.

One, the Sharecropper model, as made popular by Alan Herrell—everything you post on Facebook is valuable, fools, and you are giving it away. It’s rather touching, in a way. Children at play, with many pretty toys, innocent of their role as fodder. As demographics. Ooh, let me post my family pictures, isn’t this fun! And be sure and send a “gift.” This Facebook application platform thing is the goldmine of goldmines. Continue reading “Surrender Dorothy”


Jeneane reports: “The Coca-Cola Company will feature its Sprite brand on a new Facebook Page …”

I’m giving this to you one level of revoltingness at a time. Someone respects your stomach.

“… and will invite users to add an application to their account called ‘Sprite Sips.’”

… and for all you hipsters out there, le piece de resistance, wait for it:

“People will be able to create, configure and interact with an animated Sprite Sips character.”

omg! omg!


Some Following Seas

So I’m thinking maybe I’ll set up a blog called Shelley! One could make a career of it, the woman is fairly awash in interesting thoughts, gorgeous photos—very talented photographer—stimulating comments, fab links.

Whoa.  Could it be … am I …is this … following ?

Naw, what I am is a fan, a true fan.

Besides, I kinda doubt Shelley totes up Followers; she undoubtedly loathes the concept as much as do I—as does anyone in their right mind—and, really (you could at least pretend surprise) I make a piss-poor follower.

Somebody, fill me in. Was it Twitter that started the whole Follow thing? … Scoble? … Facebook? (Gee thanks, Zucky, but I already did adolescence.)

I think it was a big mistake, opening Fuckbook, sorry, Facebook, to adults. As Shelley says,

I bet if we did a count of how many times people use the many applications they install, or how often people continue to use Facebook after the initial ‘gee wiz’ phase, we wouldn’t be talking about it being worth billions. Or even millions.

Hell, the upcoming Facebook debacle may usher in the Big Burst of the Dot Com Bubble, Ought Eight.

Hey, I’ve been right before.

Following Sea:  A dangerous sea conditions in which the direction of the waves and swells is the same direction that the boat is moving.

Oh lord. Just found this on Valleywag:

Less than three months after Robert Scoble declared, “Facebook is the modern day rolodex,” the blogger is lamenting the social network’s contact limitations. “Damn I wish I hadn’t locked my rolodex in this trunk.”

Bye, Marky-Mark.


She says she gets it. I think she does get it. I get it too. You get it, right?

I sure as hell do. That Jeneane girl is all earnestness. And as I have told you, if you had only been paying attention, earnestness is a disappearing precious natural resource. It means, among other things, Unspoiled. On the Interwebs? Yes, even here. It means True. True-talking, and unabashed to be so. In other words, to know and love Jeneane—which is to say, to appreciate her as she is—you must turn your back on all this post-modern crap. Irony is useless. There’s no protection. It’s like asking men to remove their armor, and walk into battle unprotected. Yes it is. For all of us … except me, of course. Because I have been battered about the head for long enough, I Let Go. You can think me any fool you want. I love the girl unabashedly … And what does this all have to do with that miserable fuckin’ waste of time Facebook? I get to say miserable because I am an adult. Not a college kid looking to hook up—a term conveying such a monster burden of sadness and the wrong, I’d have to write another book and I don’t want to. But I will offer the Thought Of The Day. Let not the fifteen billion (or whatever absurd hell it’s up to now) obscure one simple truth: Facebook is not a platform. It’s hookup engine. Jeneane goes on to quote Kara Swisher (see Kara’s whole url.)

…if that is all there is, can Facebook really build a viable and long-lasting business on what is essentially a bunch of games that will ultimately become wearying for users? Doesn’t it need more robust apps that actually are useful and relevant and make Facebook the service that Zuckerberg has often told me was a ‘utility’?

And there you have it. Two great women, doubting themselves (as well as deftly turning that doubt into public question) … and one mendacious man. (He really used the word Utility? Lying little shit.)

Why does the male lie so. Money, honey. Simple as that. The stone at the center. The bitter, bitter pill.