The Pity, Anyway

Replying to Saturday’s rich harvest of Comments: bmo, clearly you do not live in Berkeley or the San Franscisco Bay Area anywhere, where a phrase like “corporate-generated reality” would draw nothing but a yawn or a pang of nostalgia. No, it’s hard going, being a crackpot nowadays. And remember, I teethed on C. Wright Mills; this conversation is old. Come to California (said in the mellifuous tones of whomever, years ago, said, Come to Jamaica.) (Was it Geoffrey Holder?) (See, the corporation lives like a little yammering spider in my head too.) Continue reading “The Pity, Anyway”

The Center of The Hip World

The most fabulous shoes she had ever seen …

For some time now, certain Boulder-ites of my acquaintance have been arguing the case for their … town? is Boulder a town? … being the center of the hip world. Or is it hippie. I am confused. But aren’t we all … the adrenaline crash, well, let us just respect that adrenaline is a powerful, powerful drug. Kindness starts with the self.

But you can see how stressful this has been, living through a Historic Moment and all. People are handing the let down in all different ways. Some are listless, some depressed. Some are in wonder that Arianna can go on—I notice more celebrity crap turning up on her front page every day—but wasn’t the Huff Po the perfect vehicle at the perfect moment. Continue reading “The Center of The Hip World”

Power to The People

A comment left on my FISA-Obama post just a few days ago:

You mean Barack Obama is a mortal human? No Way! Get outta town! … These people who were surprised by his FISA support have not done their research. He confirmed John Negroponte and Condoleeza Rice for their respective roles in the bush administration. He voted for the USA patriot act, too. Guess What? He would still make a better president than McSame.

Which, while funny and true, goes only partway there. Let me take you down (the Beatles said that) … the rest of the way.

Keith Olberman’s recent memo to Barack—this whole thing is so under my skin. And you know what that means. Yes … someone is deceiving themselves. Someone is telling less than the truth—many someones. Not that I’m suggesting they’ve got a clue. Continue reading “Power to The People”

The Few, The Proud

berkeley3It was just like the old days. People chaining themselves to things. Draping themselves with rolls of film. Okay, I forget the significance of the film, but it was raining buckets, do you hear me, buckets, when these brave souls heard the call of duty. When you chain yourself to something, remember: no lunch, no bathroom breaks. That’s revolutionary commitment! Chairman Mao would be proud. Oh, wait, that whole Mao thing went belly up.

Continue reading “The Few, The Proud”