North Korea: Failure to Launch


I never watch the news, but you know what I saw on the news? The fucking humanitarian aid, the food and supplies, North Korea receives?  The North Korean people are told that these are tributes. To their Leader. Then, if they’re lucky, I guess they get to eat.

I imagine the sun shines and the rice grows to the greater glory of the current Kim. I imagine all of creation has been made into one big tribute—especially the bad parts. For there is no one for turning his own crimes into personal glory like the professional narcissist. But even if all you know is the amateur, it’s all the same. The absence, the carefully cultivated inability to acknowledge other people. These people are the Sun King, in their own lives.

Kim and his ilk, world over, already know all there is to know. The scary part is that they make it all up. Hard to say to what extent the perpetrator doesn’t give a damn, and how much of this rigamarole he actually believes. Hard to say, of any sociopath.

The narcissists I have known, or born to, or married to, lived unhappy lives of permanent irritation. It’s a pisser, these others with their stupid, baseless wants and needs. How nice to be Supreme Ruler. Otherwise, they never go away—other people—providing a constant reminder that the world must be shared. The drive is simply the search for the power to arrange things the way they ought to be.

“Kim Jong-un has been given several important titles intended to strengthen his rule this week. Hours after the failed launch, state media said Kim Jong-un was named first chairman of the powerful National Defense Commission. Kim Jong-il, who ruled the country in his capacity as chairman of the commission, was given the title of ‘chairman for eternity.’” -AP

Aside from said failure, it’s really the double-think that fascinates. That uncanny ability to turn the feedback of the external world into flattery, turn the suffering of others into homage to the very person who robs them—and North Korea does not hesitate to collect funds from its citizens. Who must be the most pitifully mind-fucked people on earth. Cash cows, as it were, what little they have, for the purchase of toy swords, only no one is fooled. Alright, Kim may fool himself—but maybe not. Hard to say. The closed world of the narcissist induces such idiocy. Reality with its abundance of cues, feedback … reality is absent, the world just a hive of bees, buzzing inside their own heads.

I watched Kim bow to each of his top military, whispering to each man, who in turn whispered to him. One of the most revolting ballets of collusion you could ever hope to see. Context. Context is everything.

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  1. “That uncanny ability to turn the feedback of the external world into flattery, and the suffering of the people into homage to the very person who robs them…”

    Is it just me, or does this description bear a squirmy resemblance to certain members of Congress and, particularly, to some Republican candidates?

    Someday…someday, I deeply hope, we will come to understand the brains and minds of both the malignant narcissists and their victims, in order to spare us all.

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