Audacious Expectations


The interview, which allowed Obama to take his campaign message to the type of audience that gets political news from programs like Stewart’s, seemed more wonkish than slapstick. via huff po.

Which is fine. Which is very good. What impressed me—did it impress you?—was how damn presidential Obama was careful to be. Or maybe that gravitas has come naturally, along with the grey hair. Whatever, there was no question at any moment in that interview who was Leader of the Free World. Okay, I don’t watch a lot of TV news. But studying Obama’s gestures, he was The Boss. Right up to that friendly but firm pat on John Stewart as he left. Has Barack ever taken somebody down in a fight?

Do we know? Because that pat had the slightest grasp to it. One that said, Good job, and Don’t call me dude.

Hell, he didn’t flash that Hollywood smile but once or twice. The killer smile, the one where he could easily, easily be in the movies, with a little more weight on him, a little more hair to help with those ears. It’s an amazingly glamorous smile, much more in evidence during the campaign. Of course.

What impressed me was the presidential solemn grace. What is it about this man that drives the Right Wing crazy?

Duh. He be brown … but he don’t shuck and jive. Though it would be incredibly amusing to have seen him burst into “blackness,” as somebody like Chris Rock has riffed in their act. I wonder if he does that at home. It comes out a bit more at rallies with primarily black audiences. God I love to study these shift in tones.

When he got called down in public by that accomplished black woman, the merest trace fled across his face and was gone: I hear this shit at home, lady. I already got one of you …

Hell, I don’t care how late I am to the table, I’ll blog it. That’s what happens when you live on your own time. In your own way. In fact, I suppose you could call it one of the perks of having a chronic condition. You are free of the 24-hour news cycle. You live in the real world, of time as it passes, as nature nudges it along.

I can’t think what the other perk is.


4 thoughts on “Audacious Expectations

  1. Yup – too bad Obama couldn’t have told that to the Rethuglicans – we won so get offa my lawn – instead he kept inviting them in for a ……tea party…. and they obliged in the great Venetian Borgia tradition by putting poison in his tea.


  2. I love you, Zo! You say what I think, but better.

    Obama inspires either adoration or total fear, no half-way measures. Charisma on the hoof. If this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right, etc. Call me Fired Up, Ready To Go for 2012, and no time for whining over mid-terms.


  3. The other perk is the right to be pissy with anyone at any time ’cause you have to live with that chronic shit 24x7x365 :)

    That’s why old buggers like me are such curmudgeons LOL


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