Back When We Were Donkeys


Bitch Ph.D.: “Why do we take the institutional status quo as authoritative, as normative even, and NOT take basic facts of human biology as authoritative and normative?”

I could not even begin to answer. But what a great question. It may be the Only Question. The single question at the great stinking heart of things. If by things, one means, All the patently, rabidly unfair things that go on in the world.

The simultaneous objectification of women, coupled with our second-class status, it’s crazymaking, it means you live in an Alice In Wonderland world, made crazy yourself by the herd of elephants that lumbers about the room and is not, in this day and age, acknowledged. It’s crazy to pay women less than men. It isn’t just unfair, it’s insane. Show me the water fountain it’s okay for me to drink at, the lunch counter. The back of the bus.

I mean, world over, can you think of a more overwhelmingly wretched thing than the way women are treated, simply because they are women. And, let us not forget: have something men want, a power, then, men fear. The real test of their character is how that is dealt with. I love men, men friends are the best, but as a gender? In the dark reaches of the Middle East, an adulterous couple—the woman is punished, perhaps by stoning to death. You bury her up to her neck and then all the men gather round and throw stones at her until she is dead.

So we have carried men’s projections ever since the freakin’ Bible connected us with sin. Which means it’s a sinful, patriarchal book, written by men before women were allowed to write. What if the Bible recommended an equal world, the Koran, any of the ancient religious texts. What if it were a sin to make anyone lesser than you.

The idea of slavery is repulsive to us now, yet a scant hundred and fifty years ago? Or want to think about the police dogs and water guns turned on black children? I myself will never forget the sneers and screaming of white kids, I’d never seen faces like that. Filled with adult hatred and comtempt.

The threat that women still pose. How many women are still, secretly, servants in the house? Does he automatically ask you—tell you—to bring him a cup of coffee?

Tell him you ain’t no god damn donkey.

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5 thoughts on “Back When We Were Donkeys

  1. Well said and true.

    I will say though, that in the past twenty years I have seen remarkable acknowledgment and recognition of women in the companies I have worked for. I find women department heads, directors, vice-presidents, and board members. This is something I just didn’t see three decades ago.

    Problem solved. By no means. But with this I have seen a change in men too. A while back the advances of women in the work place was greeted with snickers and whispers. No more. Eyebrows are no longer raised. It is simply accepted by men — at least in my profession — now.

    Significant steps. Yep. Many more steps needed. Yep.


  2. Congratulations on your 3QuarksDaily nomination! That was an excellent piece.

    I get a kick out of the numbers published by colleges and universities around graduation time in recent years. I believe I read that more women received undergraduate degrees than men last year. We still are paid less, but maybe our well-educated daughters are getting their political consciousnesses raised in these turbulent days; in about ten years, when the economy is growing again, when some of the issues currently on the table are hammered out, and when our daughters hit their Power Forties, watch for big changes in gender-based wage differentials. I wonder how gender hiring will play out as the first new jobs appear. We’re set to benefit when real recovery ensues.

    Meanwhile, keep the righteous anger burning; we’ll be teaching and mentoring those young women to pick up where we left off.


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