Hell In A Trailer Trash Handbasket

…such an instant hit of bad

Palin Daughter’s Pregnancy Interrupts Script says the New York Times, and what the hell is that all about. Who can chart the Times anymore. Maureen Dowd gone insane, unable to compose a single column that makes sense, have you noticed. Anecdotes that have no point, hell, anecdotes that have no beginning, no end. Some reference to her father. I give up.

I give up on The Times tinge of Obama-caution, as if it might harm life, limb and circulation if they said something outfront positive about the man? Not bloody likely—and here we have what would be a bomb … what is a supermarket tabloid nuclear bomb—oh, and at five months along, like, they just this minute decided to marry?

You betcha a “script” was interrupted—and how pathetic is that. What, we have “scripts” for the democratic process? I mean like, of course we do, but the tacit yet enormous downplay in that line. Who the hell is the Times for? Who knows? Who cares, anymore?

“They hold the kids pretty tight,” said Chuck Francis Baird, 52, a competitive snow machine racer who has known Mr. Palin for years. “They just don’t let the kids run wild, that’s for sure. They’re not trashy people.”

Which of course means that the very first word that springs to his mind to describe these people is “trashy.”

Reason being: they are.

Me, I laid eyes on that woman’s photograph—it’s amazing, the amount of information an image can convey—and got such an instant hit of bad. I would say, based on my trusty gut, there’s no integrity there. Like so much of her kin—and no, I don’t think there’s enough of ’em to get McCain elected—the truth is so way less important than a grasping kind of getting ahead and climb over your best friend to get there.

Ain’t that what small-time beauty queens is all about? Oh, we—part of us—are a sad nation, come low indeed.

Or possibly John McCain isn’t right in the head. Hasn’t been for some time. Think?